Gold Coast Paragliding

Paragliding on the Gold Coast

Come fly with us tandem paragliding on the Gold Coast Hinterland! Join us on a scenic paragliding flight overlooking spectacular panoramic views from Mt Tamborine and Beechmont, of surrounding rainforest, farmland, Scenic Rim area and the Great Dividing Range from over 2000ft to the ground. We fly from the popular Mt. Tamborine Hang Glider Launch and Lookout as well as the Mount Tamborine Paragliding Launch. Paragliding is one of the rawest and most pure forms of flight. It involves the use of a paraglider, where the pilot sits in a comfortable chair-like harness which is suspended by a large, curved (aerofoil) fabric wing. There is no noisy engine, or whirring propellers. In fact, whenever someone asks us how does a paraglider fly, we simply like to say, “With magic”.

Your pilot will launch and land the glider, while you experience a real thrill and adreneline rush as you run towards the edge and are lifted into the air as the paraglider builds up speed. Once you are seated in your harness you can enjoy an unrestricted view of the landscape far below as you glide out to the landing area at speeds of around 40kph. It is a kin to sailing three-dimensionally in the air.

How much does it cost?

Affordable At Only A$225

By high gliding only in optimal flying conditions from our 2000ft Mount Tamborine Paragliding Launch and our very popular picnic Hang Glider Launch and Lookout, we save time on logistics, avoiding time wasted waiting for the wind to turn. This means we can charge less than other tandem paraglider operators do. We do this so that gliding like a bird can be experienced at a price everyone can afford.

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It's no longer the Nineties! We won't charge you to take inflight photos / footage and share wonderful memories with your friends and loved ones. Bring your own selfie stick and snap away!

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Our unique self service booking system means you can register, choose a date to fly from the available slots, and if you later need to reschedule or the weather is not suitable for flying, just log back in and reschedule!


Our Passengers Say

Breathtaking! It was the best experience ever, sooo peaceful, and I got to take the controls!

Alisha Hunt

My flight was very exciting. It was a beautiful view from Mount Tamborine, and was the perfect ending to our holiday in Australia

Yí Rán Huáng

Darcy is only 10 but he had such a ball! “The trees look like Broccoli” was the first thing he shouted when they landed 🙂

Darcy Kerr