Paragliding is a dangerous recreational activity which involves inherent, incidental and significant risks, including but not limited to, loss of control of an aircraft or equipment, uncontrolled descent, collision with objects (whether animate or inanimate) or property, collision with other persons, personal misjudgement, failure of equipment. The risks in participating in the Activity may result in or materialise in harm including physical harm such as injury, disability or death.


The Activity involves a significant risk of physical harm and is therefore a “dangerous” recreational activity which carries an obvious risk, including risk of serious injury. The Passenger/Applicant/Guardian/Parent acknowledges that Gold Coast Paragliding, any of Gold Coast Paragliding Instructors and/or Paragliding Pilots, including but not limited to Drew Salem, as well as the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) are not liable in negligence for breach of duty of care or failure to exercise reasonable care and skill, breach of contract for breach of an express or implied warranty, obligation, term or contractual duty of care, or pursuant to any statute, or statutory warranty or implied term, as a result of the materialisation of the obvious risk of the Activity engaged in by the Passenger/Applicant.


    Parent or Guardian to Complete if Applicable

    I, the parent or guardian of the applicant, declare: In consideration for permitting the participant to engage in the Activity, I warrant that I have full and complete authority to execute this as a binding and enforceable document and I release and indemnify the SAFA, the operator and any supplier of services and their directors, employees, agents, contractors and insurers against any claim, liability, loss or damage arising out of the participation in the Activity 2. I am over the age of 18 and 3. I have read and understood the Risk Warning and Obvious Risk Notice, which form part of this document, and have conveyed them to the participant.

    I acknowledge that I am about to engage in a hazardous and dangerous activity and I have been fully warned of the risks involved. I declare that I have no disability which would affect the safety of undertaking training flights.